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The 📸 Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 14 '24

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 14/2024

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. The Art Newspaper

Warhol Foundation to pay Photographer $21,000 as Dispute over Prince Portraits ends

Photographer Lynn Goldsmith's legal battle against the Andy Warhol Foundation over the unauthorized use of her portrait of Prince has ended. The US Supreme Court ruled in Goldsmith's favor, rejecting the foundation's fair use argument. Goldsmith was awarded $10,250 in damages and $11,273 in court costs, settling the case that began in 2017. Despite differences, both parties have agreed to move forward. Goldsmith highlights the ruling's significance in protecting artists' rights.

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2. PetaPixel

Bill Gates used a Photo without Permission… and then made it right

Louie Psihoyos, a former National Geographic photographer, recently shared the story behind his 1995 photograph of Bill Gates. He described the challenges of the shoot, including location and safety concerns.  Psihoyos highlights the subsequent use of the image by Gates without proper credit or compensation. Remarkably, after Psihoyos addressed this issue on Facebook, Gates swiftly resolved the matter by paying him double the proposed fee and providing proper credit.

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3. DesignTAXI

Annie Leibovitz isn’t afraid of AI disrupting the Photography World

Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz sees AI in photography as an exciting opportunity, not a threat. She views AI as a valuable tool for creative control. Leibovitz's perspective reflects a broader trend in the creative community, where artists embrace AI for innovation. Despite concerns about AI replacing human creativity and copyright conflicts, Leibovitz's acceptance highlights artists' ability to adapt and thrive amidst tech advancements.

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4. DIYPhotography

Photo of a Dog wearing a Hat sells as an NFT for over $4 Million

A photo of Achi, a dog wearing a hat that became a popular meme, recently sold as an NFT for $4.3 million to a bidder named GiganticRebirth.The owners, in South Korea, will get around $4.1 million in Ethereum. Bidding started at 0.15 Ethereum and ended at 1,210, breaking the previous record set by the original Doge NFT sold for $4.234 million in 2021. Despite a 97% decline in NFT sales in 2022, this sale marks a surprising development in the market.

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5. 121clicks

25 Incredible winning Photos from the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2024

The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2024 showcased stunning images capturing the beauty and diversity of British wildlife. Photographer Ryan Stalker won the grand prize with a poignant image of creatures on a drifting soccer ball off the shores of England, symbolizing their remarkable journey. With over 14,000 entries, the awards highlight the importance of protecting wildlife for future generations. Feel free to explore the article to view the winning entries.

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