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The 📸 Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 50 '23

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 50/2023

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. The Fashion Law

Stability AI can’t escape Getty Images Copyright Lawsuit in UK, Court says

Getty Images and Stability AI are set for a UK trial over a copyright dispute on AI-generated images. Getty accuses Stability AI of unauthorized use of its images for AI model training. Stability AI's attempt to dismiss the case, citing the UK as an inappropriate forum, was rejected by the High Court due to inconsistencies in its evidence on model development. Getty Images also filed a U.S. lawsuit, alleging Stability AI copied millions of photos without permission for a competing business.

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2. DIYPhotography

Adobe Stock sharpens Rules over AI Images illustrating real Events

Adobe Stock enforces new policies for AI-generated images to combat misuse and fake news, particularly related to misleading generative AI war-like images. It now prohibits contributors from titling AI content to imply real newsworthy events and emphasizes that editorial uses must not mislead. They are enhancing labeling for generative AI images and introducing Content Credentials for transparency. The aim is to prevent the misuse of stock content and foster a more trustworthy digital space.

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3. PetaPixel

Drama erupts over abrupt Firing of veteran White House Photographer

Reuters fired veteran White House photographer J. Ernst after he allegedly displayed "inappropriate behavior" during a disagreement at President Joe Biden's address. Reuters dismissed Ernst after a multi-week investigation without disclosing reasons. The Reuters Guild chair demands a rescission, citing no threats or inappropriate language. Speculation points to Ernst's reputation for a short fuse and conflicts with higher-ups as a factor in his dismissal.

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4. Digital Camera World

Nikon released a Series of 'timeless' Photographs for the Launch of the Nikon Zf 

To celebrate the Nikon Zf launch, Nikon showcased a captivating collection of exclusive black-and-white images captured with the new camera. Skillful manipulation of light and space by photographers wielding the Nikon Zf prompts viewers to question the era of these timeless shots, showcasing both photographers' skills and the camera's capabilities. The images exude retro charm, inviting a unique perspective and creative exploration of time.

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5. Euronews Culture

Feast your Eyes on the 2023 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winners

The 2023 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards crowned Jason Moore's 'Air Guitar Roo,' a kangaroo striking a pose, as the winner among 5,300 entries from 85 countries. Other winners include J. Stankiewicz's 'Dispute' featuring a scolding greenfinch and O. Kwek's ballerina-esque otter. Founded in 2015, the awards blend humor with wildlife conservation advocacy, supporting this year the Whitley Fund for Nature, a UK charity aiding global conservation efforts.

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