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The 📸 Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 47 '23

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 47/2023

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. Fstoppers

Guns N' Roses sued for Copyright Infringement by longtime Photographer

A legal dispute has arisen between Guns N' Roses and their photographer, Katarina Benzova, over alleged copyright infringement. The band filed a countersuit challenging Benzova's copyright claims, asserting work-for-hire agreements. The lawsuit highlights the importance of clear written agreements in defining copyright ownership. The case also involves allegations of sexual harassment against the band's manager, adding complexity to the legal proceedings. 

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2. PetaPixel

Here’s why AI Companies think they can use Photographers’ Work without Compensation

Major AI companies like Meta, OpenAI, Stability AI, etc. are contesting the idea of compensating photographers and artists for the use of their work in training AI models. In response to a U.S. Copyright Office call for opinions, these companies argue that AI model training falls under fair use, as it involves extracting unprotectable facts and ideas from copyrighted works. They also emphasize that the purpose of training is not to reproduce protected expression but to identify patterns. 

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3. Business Insider

Adobe is selling AI-generated Images of the Israel-Hamas War

Adobe is selling AI-generated images of the Israel-Hamas war on Adobe Stock. Some images, though computer-generated, appear realistic, raising concerns about potential misinformation. Adobe Stock mandates labeling AI-generated images, but some are only marked in fine print, not titles. The company asserts its commitment to combatting misinformation and is developing initiatives, like Content Credentials, to provide context on the creation or editing of digital content.

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4. DIYPhotography

Sebastião Salgado awarded for outstanding Contribution to Photography

Brazilian photographer S. Salgado has been honored with the Outstanding Contribution to Photography award at the Sony World Photography Awards. With a career spanning over 50 years, Salgado is celebrated for his social documentary work and iconic black-and-white photos, covering diverse subjects from indigenous communities to industrial workers. Recognized as the 17th recipient of this prestigious award, Salgado joins a distinguished list of photography icons.

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5. Digital Camera World

Color Coordination and Fashion-focused Captures snap up top Prizes in Dog Photography Awards 2023

Few photo competitions warm the heart like Dog Photographer of the Year. With categories like Portraits and Landscapes, Action and Studio, and Dogs and People, the contest celebrates the creativity of dog photographers using top-notch cameras. This year's winners feature a cleverly disguised Amazakh, a fashion-forward poodle, and a tutu-clad Doberman. From action shots to studio portraits, diversity defines the competition. Check out the article for a glimpse of the winners' gallery.

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