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The 📸 Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 19 '23

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 19/2023

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. DIY Photography

EU Rules to reveal AI Training Data could lead to massive Copyright Claims

Most text-to-image companies have already admitted to using copyrighted data, except Adobe's Firefly, which only used licensed and non-copyrighted images. The EU's AI Act may require AI image generators to disclose their use of copyrighted training data, which could lead to copyright lawsuits. However, the AI law would then only demand transparency rather than outright prohibiting the use of copyrighted data.

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2. Fstoppers

Google Photos presents a game-changing Search Update

Google Photos is currently experimenting with an upgraded search function that enables users to conduct advanced and intricate searches, facilitating a more convenient and streamlined approach to managing and locating photos on the platform. This feature can assist users in quickly finding their desired pictures, resulting in a better overall user experience. 

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3. The Art Newspaper

Getty Images rejects Venture Capital Firm's $4bn Takeover Bid

Trillium Capital's $4 billion takeover offer for Getty Images has been rejected as not "sufficiently credible." Trillium CEO, Scott Murray, declined to disclose funding details for the bid, which offered $10 a share in cash. Getty expressed skepticism about the deal due to Trillium's refusal to disclose asset value or its actual position in Getty, citing a lack of evidence from Trillium to warrant engagement by the board.

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4. Digital Camera World

Oppo launches Mobile Photography Contest with a huge $18,000 Cash Prize

China's Oppo has launched the Oppo Imagine IF Photography Awards, with a top prize of $18,000, professional training, and the chance to exhibit internationally. Entries are free and must be taken on an Oppo phone, with a maximum of 40 images allowed per photographer. Submissions close on July 25, 2023, via the Oppo Imagine IF website. 

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5. Peta Pixel

The Fantastic Winners of the 2022 One Eyeland Photography Awards

The One Eyeland Photography Awards 2022 winners have been declared by One Eyeland. A panel of 29 artists evaluated more than 3,600 photographs from 55 different countries. The judges granted 30 Camera Trophies and numerous gold, silver, and bronze awards. Check out the grand prize champions in the "Professional" and "Amateur" categories and other prominent entries. 

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