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The 📸 Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 17 '23

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 17/2023

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. PetaPixel

Global Blockchain Copyright Register Concensum by Copytrack collapses

Concensum, a blockchain-based copyright registration service for photographers, has shut down. It allowed photographers to register their images for protection and receive notifications if the images were found online. However, journalist David Gerard argues that the service only created a fingerprint of the image, providing no ownership protection. 

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2. NFTevening

Canon to launch Photography NFT Marketplace

The American division of the world's leading camera and imaging company, Canon USA, has announced the upcoming launch of a new NFT marketplace for photography called Cadabra expected later this year. The platform will provide tokenized photographs across multiple categories, with the option for artists to sell physical prints of their work, which Canon will handle order fulfillment for.

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3. Wallpaper

Magnum Square Print Sale showcases its Highlights

Magnum has invited external artists to contribute to the final part of the Magnum Square Print Sale's Then. Now. Next. project. This project started last May and is divided into three parts to mark the agency's 75th anniversary. While the first two parts are about the past and present, the third chapter, Vital Signs, is a collaboration between Magnum photographers and external artists to explore the future.

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4. Digital Camera World

Winners unveiled at Sony World Photo Awards 2023

The Sony World Photo Award global winners for this year have been chosen. The photos selected are diverse and meaningful, capturing a range of stories, including love, loss, war, reconciliation, and empowerment. Additionally, this year, the SWPA introduced a Sustainability Prize, which acknowledges a photographer's remarkable work in showcasing environmental issues and innovative solutions.

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5. DIY Photography

New Polaroid reclaimed Blue Film Chemistry was Discovered by Accident

Polaroid, with a dedicated lab for developing new chemical processes, has introduced a new instant film called Reclaimed Blue 600. It is made from an original formula accidentally discovered through experimentation, which has allowed them to create a limited-edition film that achieves color through chemical reactions instead of using dyes. This sets it apart from other monochrome and duochrome films. 

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