A software to guide you through the process of directly selling licenses to copyright infringers. Worldwide.

Every photographer loses a lot of money because of copyright infringements on the web. Use Fair Licensing to easily sell retroactive licenses to infringers now.


How does Fair Licensing work?

1. Create a case containing all the information about the copyright infringement.

A case contains: 

  • screenshots of the infringement 
  • your original picture
  • contact details of the website operator 
  • a post-licensing offer 

You may set up a your case manually or import case information from the PIXRAY image search engine.


2. Inform the infringer about your licensing offer via email.

Connect your email account to Fair Licensing and send a message to the infringer from your own email address. 

With the Fair Licensing Email Flows system you only draft your mails once and use them many times in all of your cases. 

No need to type an individual message for every case.


3. The infringer logs into the case, reviews your offer and purchases a license.

The email to the infringer contains a link to your Fair Licensing Settlement Portal. 

The infringer logs in, reviews your licensing offer and purchases a license by using one of the many available payment methods. 

Payments made by the infringer go right to your account.



You found a website that uses your photo without a license?

You know that most copyright infringements are just mistakes and you are looking for a fair and proportionate response.

You want full control of all interactions with copyright infringers and turn them into new customers instead of opponents.


Two sides of one software.

And why this is key.
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At PIXRAY, we have over 8 years of experience in building credible cases of photo copyright infringement. The goal of Fair Licensing is to present your case as plausible and transparent as possible.

Our management system comes with two key features.

The easy creation of credible cases that will be taken seriously by the infringer and an email template engine that allows you to create reusable email templates.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-03 um 09.26.33

The infringer will be informed about the case via email. The email contains a link and a code to your settlement portal as a core component.

He logs in and can review the case in detail, accept your offer and pay directly there. The system is built to ensure fast and secure payment processing. We believe that the key is to give the infringer the least difficult way to correct his mistake. By purchasing a license.

This is fair and friendly.


Fair Licensing is a proud member of the CEPIC community, a leading organization in the picture industry. Read its paper with Best Practices in Copyright Tracking we follow.

Plans & Pricing

We have the right plan for you.


€0/free plan

Share charged 50 %

  • Single seat
  • Case Management Portal
  • Email Templating Engine
  • Run settlement portal on fairlicensing.com



Share charged 33 %

To book the Pro plan, register for the Lite plan and upgrade within your account.

← Everything in Lite


  • Run settlement portal in your own domain
  • Customize settlement portal with your own logo
  • Send emails from FAIR LICENSING using your own domain
  • Possibility to book additional seats at just € 29 per seat/month
  • Define up to three different email flows
  • Possibility to operate settlement portal in up to two different languages (out of German, English and Spanish)



Share charged 25 %

To book the Enterprise plan, register for the Lite plan and upgrade within your account.

← Everything in Pro


  • Unlimited Email flows
  • Settlement portal in up to three different languages (out of German, English and Spanish)


All prices mentioned are net prices, the legally applicable VAT will be added.

Did you receive a message from an agency or photographer?

We have answered a few of the most important questions you may have in this short article. Please note that Fair Licensing does not make any copyright claims or licensing offers but is soleley a provider of software for photographers and agencies to allow them to resolve copyright infringements directly with possible copyright infringers. 


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