Have you received an email sent through the Fair Licensing platform and are not sure how to react?

Welcome to Fair Licensing. Fair Licensing is an online platform to help  photo agencies and photographers worldwide to resolve copyright infringements by offering retroactive licenses to copyright infringers. Fair Licensing is designed to enable direct communication between a copyright holder and copyright infringers - without involving lawyers and money collection companies.

Fair Licensing is proud to be a member of CEPIC, a leading organization in the picture industry.

It is important to note, that Fair Licensing operates solely as a software provider and does not send copyright claims on behalf of agencies or photographers. The copyright owner vets the licensing status of the image in question, manages all communications and directly receives any payments made through the Fair Licensing platform.


What if you received an email sent through our platform?

Emails sent through the Fair Licensing platform are sent to you directly from the agency or photographer and contain detailed information on how to resolve the case. Typically you will be asked to provide proof about a license you may own or to purchase a retroactive license.


What if you're uncertain about the authenticity of an email received through Fair Licensing?

Every agency or photographer using Fair Licensing is sending emails through their own email account. If the domain (the part of the email address following the @ sign) is the  domain of the webpage of the agency or photographer, this provides strong evidence of the authenticity of the email.

If the link to the settlement portal contained in the email is also in the web domain of the agency (i.e., the part following "fairlicensing" in the URL of the settlement portal is the web site domain of the agency or photographer), this provides additional strong evidence of the authenticity of the email.

Finally, you may choose to reach out to the agency or photographer via email or phone using contact details on their webpage to confirm, that they are using Fair Licensing for copyright resolution.

What If you have doubts about the safety of our payment system?
Fair Licensing uses Stripe, a payment system used by some of the biggest brands worldwide, to process all payments. This guarantees the highest degree of security for all payments. The full payment transaction is processed on Stripe and neither the operators nor the users of Fair Licensing get any access to the details of the payment method you use to purchase a license.

What if you believe the claim you received is unjustified?

If you believe to have received an unjustified claim by an agency or photographer through the Fair Licensing platform, please reach out the the agency or photographer directly. You may also use the settlement portal to upload any evidence of a license you may own.



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