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The ðŸ“¸ Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 33 '23

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 33/2023

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. Stock Photo Secrets

Getty Images & Media Companies pen open Letter calling for AI Copyright Regulations

Media giants like Getty Images have co-authored an open letter advocating for copyright protection, responsible AI advancement, and transparency. They're worried about AI's rapid growth leading to misinformation, copyright problems, and bias. The letter calls for consistent rules requiring copyright authorization for AI training data and results. The agencies underline the necessity of regulations to protect artists' rights and media honesty in light of AI's potential.

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2. DIY Photography

Photographers Lawsuit makes former Model terrified of Posting on Instagram

Former supermodel and writer P. Porizkova expressed fear of posting on Instagram due to legal issues after being sued for using a photographer's image without permission or credit. Porizkova reached an out-of-court settlement and admitted her mistake. Some photographers criticized her for not valuing artists' work and emphasized the importance of proper compensation. Others defended her, suggesting the artist took advantage of her celebrity status for financial gain.

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3. The Guardian

Best of the iPhone Photography Awards 2023 – in Pictures

The 2023 iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) have unveiled their winners, with top honors going to Ivan Silva of Mexico. His winning shot "Heroe" depicts a young boy striking a heroic pose on a truck bed. Alongside the overall winner and the leading trio of photographers for the year, awards were also granted across 14 more categories, recognizing participants from across the globe.  Here's a sneak peek into the champions of the 16th IPP Awards.

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4. PetaPixel

Bild Expo brings big Photo Show back to New York City this September

B&H hosts the inaugural Bild Expo at NYC's Javits Center on September 6-7. Bild Expo supports visual/audio art, offering presentations, gear expos, contests, photo walks, portfolio reviews, and deals. Notable photographers like Art Wolfe and Ami Vitale will be the speakers. Partner Pavilion displays gear, and B&H Bild Camera Museum showcases milestones. Free with registration, sponsored by Canon, Sony, and Nikon. B&H plans the annual Bild Expo.

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5. PopPhoto

Vintage Video shows what It was like Being a Pro Photographer in 1946

This vintage video depicts the professional photography scene in 1946, highlighting substantial changes in technology and the industry since then. Surprisingly, even back then, there was a notable interest in photography as a profession, despite limited accessibility to tools. This video acts as a time capsule, raising curiosity about how people in 2100 will perceive the 2023 industry.

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