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The 📸 Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 27 '23

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 27/2023

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. Peta Pixel

Copyright Office refuses to ‘register Works entirely generated by AI’

The US Copyright Office (USCO) has restated its stance on AI-generated works, refusing to register works solely created by artificial intelligence. AI-generated content is classified as "unclaimable material." However, works that include AI elements can be registered if the AI-generated parts are declared unclaimable. If photographers plan significant modifications to a photo, they can register the original version without the AI modifications, even if the AI-generated version is publicly displayed.

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2. Wired

Apple Is taking on Apples in a truly weird Trademark Battle

The 111-year-old company, Fruit Union Suisse, may need to change its logo because Apple is seeking intellectual property rights over all apple depictions. The company´s director is puzzled by Apple's attempt to control rights to a universally recognized fruit. Apple's pursuit of IP rights extends globally, with some countries granting their requests. The Tech Transparency Project investigation shows that Apple filed more trademark oppositions than major tech companies combined from 2019 to 2021.

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3. Shotkit

Nikon fights AI Imagery with 'Natural Intelligence' Campaign

Nikon has recently launched an ad campaign called "Natural Intelligence" to showcase, that stunning visuals can be achieved without relying on AI. This campaign is to highlight the beauty of real-world photography and features eye-catching advertising posters displaying mesmerizing locations, humorously accompanied with parody text, which could have been used as prompts for AI-generated images.

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4. Digital Camera World

According to Flickr the most popular Camera in the World isn't even a Camera

Flickr, a former leading photo-sharing platform, recently conducted a study analyzing more than 470 million images to identify the world´s most popular camera. In a surprising turn of events, the iPhone 11 emerged as the top camera, surpassing both DSLR and mirrorless systems. This finding underscores the notable impact of smartphone photography, with the iPhone 11 gaining widespread popularity since its release in 2019.

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5. The Guardian

Drone Photo Awards 2023: winning and commended Images – in Pictures

The Drone Photo Awards, an international competition focused on aerial photography, has revealed its winners. The competition is part of the Siena Awards Festival of visual arts, and the winning photographs will be displayed in the exhibition during the festival, which will be held from September 28th to November 19th in Siena. Or Adar, an Israeli photographer, has been declared the overall winner for his powerful image titled "Must Resist." 

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