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The ๐Ÿ“ธ Press Clipping by Fair Licensing | week 11 '23

Here are the top 5 news articles for Agencies and Photographers in week 11/2023

What's abuzz in the photography world this week?

1. Peta Pixel

New Copyright Claims Board Rules in Favor of Photographer in its First Case

The Copyright Claims Board (CCB) ruled its first case in favor of photographer David Oppenheimer's lawsuit against lawyer Douglas Prutton for using his photograph without permission on the internet. The CCB, established in 2021, offers an alternative for smaller copyright infringement claims, allowing photographers to avoid expensive attorneys who often ignore smaller monetary payouts.

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2. Artnet News

Vogue Photographer has owned up to Using AI to generate some of his ravishing Images

Italian photographer Emanuele Boffa has revealed that five of his highly stylized images featuring models in exotic locations, including one with the Vogue logo, were generated using AI. With over 30,000 Instagram followers, Boffa has been sharing his work on the platform since 2014 and also maintains a portfolio on Photo Vogue, a digital platform by Vogue Italia.

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100 Years of TIME Magazine: See how its Cover evolved over a Century

In celebration of its 100th anniversary on March 3, 2023, TIME Magazine is reflecting on its history by showcasing some of its most memorable covers, which often featured awe-inspiring photography. TIME's Creative Director, D.W. Pine, has written a comprehensive essay that highlights 100 of his favorite TIME covers, one for each year since the beginning of the magazine publication.

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4. Shotkit

This Instagram Alternative offers now a professional Critique of your Photos

100ASA is a photo-sharing social network that serves as an alternative to Instagram. It distinguishes itself by offering a team of curators and critics who will review user submissions and provide constructive feedback on areas of improvement. This is to help users refine their photographic skills and gain more recognition in the professional photography community.

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5. Digital Camera World

Breath-taking Aerials win DJI SkyPixel's 8th annual Photo & Video Contest

SkyPixel and DJI co-organized the 8th annual Photo & Video Contest, which received over 65,000 submissions from professional photographers, aerial enthusiasts, and new talents who captured stunning views using DJI drones. Winners were recently announced, showcasing the power of aerial photography.

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